DPF Removal

The DPF filter (Diesel Particle filter) fitted to most modern diesel engines is a filter in the vehicle exhaust system which catches the soot emissions. You'll often notice a DPF fitted car has clean tail pipes and emits no visible smoke under hard acceleration.

The DPF filter is designed to self regenerate, going into a 'regeneration' or cleaning mode when the vehicle is hot. Unfortunately many short or low speed trips often stop a vehicle going into DPF regeneration mode causing the filter to block.

Our DPF Removal software disables all functions of the DPF filter within the ECU, allowing the filter to be removed without any limp-home modes or check engine lights. We would however advise customers check local vehicle testing laws in their country before deciding to remove the DPF, as it may cause the vehicle to fail emissions testing.

ByteFLASH Touch

DPF Removal software is available on the ByteFLASH Touch handheld programmer. Where the vehicle has the DPF filter physically removed we can provide standard power software with the DPF functions disabled, along with multiple stages of tune.

Visiting an Installer

The vast majority of ByteFLASH installers can also offer physical removal of the DPF filter whilst the EGR removal software is being installed. Please note in some markets, installers will be selling this service on the basis the vehicle is no longer being road legal.