EGR Removal

EGR valves, otherwise known as Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves, recycle a percentage of exhaust gasses back into the 'clean' intake side of the engine. The purpose behind this is to reduce NOx emissions from the engine.

It does this by by lowering the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber by replacing it with already burnt gasses which take no further part in combustion. Unfortunately the downside to this is sooty and sometimes oily exhaust gasses are being pumped back into the clean intake side. This can often cause a sludge to build up, blocking the intake path and reducing performance.

Our EGR delete software allows you to remove the EGR valve, stopping the flow of exhaust gasses to the clean intake, without the vehicle putting on a check-engine or engine management light or operating in limp mode.

ByteFLASH Touch

EGR Removal software is available on the ByteFLASH Touch handheld programmer. Where the vehicle has the EGR valve physically removed we can provide standard power software with the EGR functions disabled, along with multiple stages of tune.

Visiting an Installer

The vast majority of ByteFLASH software installers can also offer physical removal of the EGR valve whilst the EGR removal software is being installed.