PerformanceTuning Software

Why choose ByteFLASH performance software for your vehicle?

ByteFLASH performance software allows customers to increase both the power and torque their engine produces, whilst maintaining vehicle safety and emissions outputs that meet or exceed the required standards.

Our software is designed to work on a standard vehicle whilst maintaining factory levels of reliability and original service intervals.

Tried and tested

ByteFLASH software is the result of thousands of hours of testing and development to ensure the best results possible from your vehicle.

Switchable Tuning

ByteFLASH Touch, our handheld OBD programmer, allows the driver to switch between multiple stages of tune and back to stock quickly and easily.


ByteFLASH software can be customised to meet your requirements. For example to eliminating particular flat spots or to provide sharper response.


Physical modifications can be supported through the use of our software patches. For example EGR removal or when fitting performance parts.

Safer driving

Tuning software isn't just about driving quickly. Additional power can make for a safer experience when over-taking or joining fast moving traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this benefit my vehicle?
  • Can my vehicle be returned to standard in the future?
  • Will performance tuning software effect my fuel economy?
  • Will the life span of my engine be reduced?
If your car has a small naturally aspirated petrol engine, a turbo diesel or a super-car, there's always improvements to be found within the engine software. The benefits of gaining 8bhp through a remap on a 1.0 litre petrol engine is as noticeable to one driver as it is for the driver of a 5.0 twin turbo engine which gains an extra 100hp+ as the percentage power gains are similar. It's not always about peak power gains either. Improved vehicle response and a wider power band, getting the vehicle to build torque earlier and hold onto it for longer, play a big part in providing an improved driving experience.
Of course! If you're using one of our ByteFLASH Touch OBD programmers you can switch between stock and tuned as often as required, quickly and easily yourself. If you had performance software installed by a ByteFLASH agent your original software will be stored both with the agent and us. You would be able to visit any ByteFLASH outlet to have your vehicle returned to standard.
In most cases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle remains unchanged in like for like driving conditions over the combined cycle. If you're looking to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle then our economy tuning software may better suit your requirements.
Well developed performance tuning software will not reduce the life span of your engine. All of our software is designed to work safely on a standard vehicle and within the capabilities of factory components. Of course we do see a lot of badly developed engine software in the market, which can and does harm engines. We urge customers to choose high quality software such as ByteFLASH.

ByteFLASH Touch

Performance vehicle software is available on ByteFLASH Touch for a wide variety of vehicles. Customers can install ByteFLASH performance software quickly and easily at home and switch back to manufacturers standard software as often as required.

Not all vehicles can be supported on ByteFLASH Touch. If your vehicle isn't supported, you may need to visit one of our installers, who can install the performance software on your vehicle.

Visiting an Installer

All ByteFLASH agents can perform the upgrade to our performance software. The process normally takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the vehicle and ECU type. For further information contact us and we'll be more than happy to put you in touch with your nearest ByteFLASH installer.