Software Patches

EGR Removal

EGR Removal software allows a vehicle to be run with the EGR feed pipe blanked, or the EGR valve completely removed without limp mode or management lights. Our software patch recodes the ECU to function without an EGR valve fitted.

DPF Removal

DPF Removal software allows a vehicle to be run with the DPF filter removed. All DPF functions are disabled in software including regeneration and the vehicle functions as a vehicle never fitted with a DPF would.

AdBlue Removal

AdBlue Removal software allows a vehicle to be run without the need to fill with AdBlue/SCR fluid. It can also be useful when AdBlue/SCR components become faulty as an alternative to replacing parts.

Speed Limiters

We can remove or add speed limiters in software on the majority of vehicles. High performance German cars often come with a 155mph/250kph limiter from factory and commercial vehicles often come restricted to much lower speeds.

Throttle Valve Removal

Many Diesel vehicles utilise a throttle valve for emissions and switch off anti-shudder reasons. These can be removed in software to allow the vehicle to function without it. This can save on expensive replacement parts.

Intake Flap Removal

Intake Manifold Runner Flaps can become broken and actuators can become faulty. These are often costly to replace with some OEM's only supplying the whole manifold. We can disable the flaps in software allowing their removal.

Launch Control

Launch Control can provide a fast getaway from stationary. The vehicles software is setup to hold a certain RPM and load stationary until either the brake or clutch peddle is released.

Sound Tuning

Sound Tuning software adds over-run crackles or pops on lift-off / over-run. This is often standard on high performance cars such as the Audi RS6 but can be added to other vehicles through our sound tuning software patch.

Stop/Start Disable

Many modern vehicles feature stop start technology, switching the engine off when the vehicle is stationary and re-starting as you move away. This feature can be disabled in the ECU's software.

Secondary O2/Lambda Delete

Vehicles which feature Lambda sensors pre and post catalyst do so to check the efficiency of the catalytic convertor. When removing the catalyst for racing applications this often leads to an engine malfunction light. Disabling the second O2 sensor, disables this warning.

Permanent DTC Removal

If none of our software patches above cover your modification or fault, we can offer Permanent DTC removal. We modify the vehicles software to never throw a particular trouble code.