Speed Limiters

Many vehicle ECU's support electronic speed limiters. Some are activated from factory, whilst others are not. Typically high performance German vehicles are limited to 155mph from factory, whilst commercial vehicles are often limited to 56, 60 or 70mph.

ByteFLASH software can remove or add speed limiters to a wide range of engine control units. Speed Limiters on commercial fleets such as vans can often yield good fuel savings when combined with our economy software.

ByteFLASH Touch

ByteFLASH Touch handheld OBD programmers support speed limiter removal on some ECU's. On particular ECU's you may need to visit a ByteFLASH installer to have your speed limiter removed.

Visiting an Installer

ByteFLASH speed limiter removal software can be installed directly onto your vehicle by an approved ByteFLASH installer. Contact us today to locate your nearest installer.