Stage 1, 2 & 3ECU Tuning Files

Why choose a ByteFLASH Stage 1 tuning file for your customers vehicle?

ByteFLASH Stage 1 tuning software allows you to increase both the power and torque of your customers vehicle, whilst maintaining vehicle safety and emissions outputs that meet or exceed the required standards. Stage1 tuning files are designed to work safely on unmodified vehicles and within the original OEM safety tolerances.

Our Stage 1 tuning files are designed to work on a standard vehicle whilst maintaining factory levels of reliability and original service intervals and are the result of extensive in house development and testing.

Tried and tested

ByteFLASH software is the result of thousands of hours of testing and development to ensure the best results possible from your customers vehicle.

Multiple Stages of Tune

Stage1, 2 and 3 ECU Tuning Files available, to cater for your customers vehicle modifications.


Add additional options to your customers tuning file such as Hardcut Rev Limiters, Sound Tuning (P&B) and Launch Control at no additional cost.


Physical modifications can be supported through the use of our software patches. For example EGR removal or when fitting performance parts.

Speed Limiters

ByteFLASH ECU Tuning Files can support speed limiter removal and installation on a wide variety of vehicles and ECUs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of ByteFLASH Tuning Files?
  • I want to offer my customer additional options such as DPF removal, what is the tuning file cost?
  • How do I purchased ByteFLASH ECU tuning files?
  • How quickly and tuning file requests processed?
Our ECU Tuning Files are priced on a sliding scale based on the amount of credits purchased. Each original file we modify for you costs 1 credit.
Additional options are included within our file service price. You can offer a Stage 1 tuning file along with any number of additional options, all for a single tuning file credit.
To start using the ByteFLASH Tuning File Service register for an account under 'File Service Login' on the Trade menu.
A live estimated delivery time is given on the homepage of the tuning file service based on queue length. Average tuning file delivery time is just 30 minutes.

WinOLS Tuning Files

For master tuners we also operate a EVC WinOLS Reseller platform. To purchase tuning files through the WinOLS system, register for the ByteFLASH Tuning File Service and then add your EVC customer number to your account under the profile section.

ECU Tuning Equipment & Training

If you're new to remapping or want to start offering ecu remapping to your customers, get in touch. We are well placed to offer advice on the best ecu tuning equipment for your application as well as technical training and support.