Stop Start Function Disable

Vehicles featuring Stop Start technology are becoming increasingly commonplace. Whilst designed to save fuel in busy traffic they are often intrusive in rural driving. Stop Start technology also increases wear on the vehicles starter motor and puts higher demand on the battery.

Most stop start systems can be switched off, usually with a button on the dashboard, however the systems automatically re-activate when the ignition is switched off and back on again.

ByteFLASH software can disable Stop Start on a wide variety of vehicles. On some models we are able to change the functionality of the Start Stop systems so the vehicle remembers it's state between ignition cycles. This allows the customer to leave the Stop Start switched off, but still use its functionality if required.

ByteFLASH Touch

Where a vehicle is supported on the ByteFLASH Touch handheld OBD programmer, the end user can install the Stop Start disable software on their vehicle at home. We cannot yet support the saved state stop start patch via ByteFLASH Touch however. If you would like the Start Stop system to remain enabled, but to remember it's state, you will need to visit a ByteFLASH installer.

Visiting an Installer

All approved ByteFLASH installers can offer the Start Stop disable software patch. Not all installers can support the saved-state Stop Start patch. Contact us with your vehicle details and requirements, and we will direct you towards the options available.