Throttle Valve Removal

Whilst petrol vehicles require a throttle valve to operate correctly, this is not the case with Diesel vehicles. Diesel engine speed is regulated by fuel injection and not airflow. The purpose of a throttle valve on a diesel vehicle is to reduce oxygen in the cylinder for emissions purposes.

Modern electronic throttle valves do fail, and are costly to replace. ByteFLASH can provide a software patch to allow the majority of diesel engine control units to work without a throttle valve installed.

ByteFLASH Touch

If we have throttle valve removal software available for your vehicle, and it is supported by the ByteFlash TOUCH handheld OBD programmer, throttle valve removal software can be installed by the end user at home. This negates the need to visit a ByteFlash installer. Throttle valve removal software can also be combined with any of our other software patches or tuning programmes.

Visiting an Installer

Throttle valve removal software is available throughout the ByteFLASH installer network. A number of our installers are also able to provide the physical removal of a faulty throttle valve if required.