Visiting an Installer

How do I visit a ByteFLASH installer?

If you wish to visit a ByteFLASH installer to have software installed directly onto your vehicle you'll need to contact us first. Not all ByteFLASH installers can offer all services, so we'll need to put you in touch with the closest installer who can help.

  • Will I need to book an appointment?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • What if my vehicle has been tuned before?
  • Will the life span of my engine be reduced?
Most likely, yes - however once we have put you in touch with a suitable installer you'll be able to discuss this with them and arrange a suitable time to visit.
The process normally takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the vehicle and ECU type. Most installers offer a whilst you wait service by appointment.
If your vehicle already has tuning software installed we may still be able to help. Your ByteFLASH installer would take a copy of the software already on the ECU and send it to our technical team. We can then advise what improvements can be made to the existing calibration.
Well developed tuning software will not reduce the life span of your engine. All of our software is designed to work safely on a standard vehicle and within the capabilities of factory components. Of course we do see a lot of badly developed engine software in the market, which can and does harm engines. We urge customers to choose high quality software such as ByteFLASH.